Single   multiplex assay reagent beads

Single & Multiplex Assay Reagent Beads - Custom Manufacturing

Single and/or multiplex assay beads are a custom designed, ready-to-use, precise, robust, and durable spheres containing all the necessary components to run a single or multiplex assay.  Reagents for POC devices, immunoassay, molecular assay or other components such as magnetic particles can be lyophilized into beads and be packaged into laboratory assay devices or consumables. EVIK™ Lyophilized beads branded DxSpheres, generally have longer shelf-life than in liquid form, are robust, room temperature stable, and can be instantly rehydrated. Evik Dx creates Solid Assay Solutions.

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Spot On Science HemaSpot Technology

The HemaSpot Technology is a device for Biological Sample Collection, Transport and Storage (blood or other).  It is easy to use in non-healthcare setting and reduces the costs and logistical burdens of wet samples.   

INVOcell® Intravaginal Culture System

INVOcell® is an innovative, low-cost fertility treatment option. INVOcell holds the eggs and sperm in your body for fertilization and incubation, allowing you to be more personally involved in the process. INVOcell is only 1.5 inches tall and just over 1 inch wide.

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Labnow analyzer

LabNow Portable Analyzer with Microfluidic Biochip

This portable lightweight analyzer and microfluidic biochip was developed as a POC device for field use in any environment to tests patient's white cell counts, CD4 count for staging and monitoring HIV infection.

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Other Notable Projects:

• EVIK Diagnostics Innovation - Custom Manufacturing of Lyophilized Assay Reagent Beads Click here to learn more.

• Global Infectious Disease Rapid Diagnostic Testing Market Report

• Point of Care Diagnostic (IVD) Market and Technology Assessment
  • Ebola 2014
  • HIV Molecular Diagnostics 2016

• POC Dx Single Reagent Bead Manufacturing - Market material review and business development

• Handheld Tissue Biosensor POC Use - Initial Regulatory Assessment

• Self Sampling Collection Swab for HPV - Business Dev. And Commercialization strategy

• POC Microfluidic IP Portfolio Assessment - UT-Austin OTC

• Microfluidic Blister Pack Biochip and platform for laboratory diagnostics - Initial Commercialization Strategy and funding

• Mentorship - Commercialization Strategy and Funding
  • Uroflowmeter - Home use
  • Laryngoscope with built in suction


"Shelley worked directly with me as a Consultant to help my organization better understand the point of care diagnostics market, a space that she has extensive experience with.  Her ability to navigate the patent landscape and knowledge of market conditions added value to the project.  For example, she informed us of several funding and partnership opportunities that we were previously unfamiliar with.  She went above and beyond the scope of the project and was proactively helpful."

-UT OTC Specialist

"Ms Hossenlopp’s pro-active approach, judgment, and exceptional communication skills are qualities Evik Diagnostics has come to rely on and have been instrumental in the success of our company.  Her enthusiasm, motivation, and strong work ethic make Shelley an ideal asset to the success of any project or company."


"Shelley Hossenlopp is an absolute expert in the field of clinical laboratory diagnostics.  In this capacity she has demonstrated responsiveness, leadership, thoroughness, and excellent business acumen.  We appreciate and have benefited from her detailed and insightful market research and her ability to articulate its importance as it relates to the relevance of our products."

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